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vintage buffet

We have three types of Buffet to offer you - our 'Plain and Simple' Buffet of Sandwiches, Cakes and/or Scones, our Vintage Buffet which includes all of the above, plus Vintage crockery, cutlery, table cloths and bunting or our new Cold Buffet menu which consists of quiches and salads, locally sourced cheese and ham boards and delicious puddings!  These buffets are ideal for larger informal gatherings where you do not need to sit down at a table eg larger Birthday Parties, Weddings, Christenings, Baby Showers or Funeral Wakes.  Minimum order is for 20 people and our Plain & Simple menu starts at £11.50 per head. Please contact us for price lists.

Cold Buffet
Cold Buffet Puddings
Cold Buffet Salads

Our new Cold Buffet menu of delicious quiches, salads, cheese and ham boards and puddings starts at £22 per person.

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